Online Millionaires Club is the brainchild of Schalk van der Merwe who joined Crowd1 in November 2019. Schalk is a firm believer that your net worth is equal to the network of people you do business with. With over 18 Years of experience in Networking he designed a system that works and the Brand OMC was established to Encourage people to work as a Team and to have a common vision and mission. Inside the club there is a sense of culture, structure and support. We are all family. OUR dream is that every person part of the OMC team should work to become an online millionaire.

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Joined mid November 2019. Spent the first 2-3 months "checking things out" and focusing more on my "day job" than C1. Then in January I started hearing Schalk's daily "kaching's" and FOMO hit me hard!!! I started focusing on obtaining my 20 Personals and then helping my downline achieve their FOL bonuses and all of a sudden the "kaching's" on my phone became part of my day to day activities. During the March Epic Promotion I earned a whopping 8000 Euro - passively. And what I mean with passively - I did not phone one new recruit. I helped my downline load new members, but I did not spend one minute recruiting new members. Now I average between 200 - 300 Euro a day PASSIVELY. On Monday 3 May I quit a very well paying job as a SAP consultant to work on my 3 MLM Networks (Crowd1, MTI and Silver Chief) full time......from home. My advice to any newcomer in the business. Don't SELL Crowd1. TELL people about it and your reason for joining. And then ask them if they can afford NOT to join?

My name is Dwayno and my story is simple.
I live my life by 2 R's. 
Risk/Regret and when it comes to opportunity I choose Risk every day of the week. .I joined without knowing anything about this company, but in life if you want something different you have to do something different. Fast forward 6 months later I am living life on my own terms.

Frik van Rensburg. In the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. I made more money PART TIME in the last 5 months with Crowd1 than what I am getting paid..

Some call me Stress some call me TkayMillion my title is going to change to TkayBillion through the power of Network Marketing, I give thanks to the gentleman who introduced me to this business as I've also helped a lot of people with the income I've generated and now they are also earning and helping other people. I've always heard Robert Kyosaki say.. Network marketing is key to financial freedom. I never understood why he said that until I ventured into network Marketing. Your network is equal to your net-worth.

My name is Megan and I joined the OMC family on 10 April 2020. When I was first approached by Schalk van der Merwe about Crowd1. I was doubtful and kind of gave him the cold shoulder as I thought this was just another Ponzi or get rich quick scam. My one friend joined up the same week I said I would think about it. 2 weeks after she joined, she sent me screenshot of the 144 euros she earned. That immediately got my attention. She is earning euros while other businesses are closing in lockdown. I do not know of any investment plan that offers you such a quick return on investment out there, especially not with the current lockdown situation. I know as I have a few investments spread out on a few platforms including bitcoin. (I am fully aware that crowd1 is not an investment scheme but an online marketing company) I then made the informed decision that I would join and risk 99 euros for a membership. To me R2000 is not a lot of money to lose sleep over should I end up losing it. (most of the people I know pay that for groceries after one trip to Woolworths for food) I also knew I would end up using that R2000 for living expenses in any case and nothing I could do in any of my businesses gives me the opportunity to double my money in just 2 weeks unless I buy and sell stock or trade. I paid Schalk 99 euros for my membership with the educational packages and free c1 rewards (owner rights) and I haven’t looked back since. Here is my testimonial so far… I joined up on 10 April 2020 and within just 21 days I signed up 10 close family and friends, I upgraded to Titanium and I became a Team Leader Level 3. My entire direct downline now consists of over 50 members. Everything I have learned and achieved in such a short amount of time has purely been due to my amazing upline that answered my questions, attending my leader’s training sessions on zoom and also researching on the internet and taking time to listen and watch everything my team leaders shared on the groups. Knowledge is power and everything that you learn about Crowd1 helps you to empower your members in your downline. You are only as strong as your leaders and members in your team. So, choose wisely who you recruit and be prepared to assist your downline if you want to achieve success in this business. It is certainly one of the most incredible platforms that offer people the chance to build a business from the palm of their hands with just a cell phone and internet. You can be assured your new financial freedom is only a click of a button away. Impossible is NOTHING!

Few weeks ago, I took a leap of faith and joined Crowd1 –
Within 11 days I was on Co-ordinator** had upgraded myself to a Titanium package, reached my FOL and was able to help 126 other people join the business.
I have managed to withdraw €2076.30 and my shares are currently at €4617 with a €250 p/week growth.
This has been a life changing experience that I wouldn’t have been able to do- without the support of Francois, Andre and Pieter. 
This team works together like a family, has amazing support systems in place to guide you every step of the way and is so efficient and amazing to say the least. 
When all the non-believers sleeps- we make money and when they go off to work I can decide what to do with my time- because working from home with only a mobile- has allowed me to be flexible in not only growing the business but achieving the results I want.
3 weeks ago- I might have thought… its impossible…. Now I realise IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!!

Hi, my name is Ben Vorster. My Crowd1 journey started on 15 January 2020 when Schalk phoned me and said he wants my personal details. I asked him for what and he replied ''nothing to do with you''. An hour later he phoned again saying here is your Username and Password run the business. We went full steam ahead. Four months has passed now, and let me tell you, this is an amazing business! Me and my wife cashed out more than 200k already. Network Level = Manager One Star. Streamline Level 16. I'm Titanium Pro and super proud of it!

Hey Guys I joined Crowd1 on the 24th of April 2020 and I went from making €2,5 a week to making €25 a week. a bounus of €64 plus a fear of loss bonus of €375 in just 9DAYS I’ve made over R9000.I’m only 21 and making European cash from my phone. I wish that I joined Crowd1 earlier. This company is producing huge numbers and I think it’s about to explode. Best investment I’ve ever done.

I joined crowd 1 on the 15th of November 2019 when I received a unknown call from Schalk  I managed to claim my fear of loss bonus within 14 days and I'm currently on 20 personals This is definitely a business for any tipe of person out there whether you have done network marketing before or not I've managed to withdraw over €7000 out of the system and helped over 1000 people all around the world join the business. I will always be grateful for this opportunity and Schalk thats leading this team!!!

Hi I’m Lino Ferreira and uncle to Dwayno I joined Crowd1 in December 2019 but I took a back seat in this business and focused more on my business which has now obviously stopped operating due to covid19. I then got my nephew Dwayne to join and Wow, did he show me the way to start a network and start earning passive income! OMC is like a family, always working together and assisting each other in reaching out goals.
Impossible is nothing!!

Okay so Dwayne asked me to join Crowd 1. I was a bit skeptical because in what lifetime do you get MONEY for doing nothing. I thought what is R1800 its one nights eating out or partying. So i clubbed in paid my R1800/99€. And waited. Didnt get my fear of loss/129€. Got my first personal(someone directly under your left and/or right leg. Got more and more Personals. Was in one to two months about 7 personals and made a bonus of R6000 so if you calculate it i made my money back more that 3 times already . So i started helping my personals getting their personals.Then Decided to upgrade my Account to Titanium. Till now i have 10 personals my bonus is on €1071 /R20000. And my Shares/Crowd1 Rewards in this AMAZING COMPANY IS €5427.6/ R108552. For ONLY PUTTING IN R1800. I started end of February.

The one and only Alessandro Venditti, I’ve been part of Crowd1 for 4 months and I’ve made over €1000 (R20,000). This is blessing and I thank my holiness for the involvement. Let’s go and take over!

If ever I thought its not possible, it is!!! My name is Welma Vorster. I joined under my husband with plenty of doubt, but was proved ever so wrong. I had my mind-switch when he said to someone, "its a pair of tekkies". 4 months in the business has been EMPOWERING!! Building our business and supporting our downline to grow, has been fantastic, meeting new people who has a passion to succeed and change their financial situation... PRICELESS!!

I'm 24 years old and currently work for myself and work full time for 3 companies, I joined Crowd 1 on the 22nd March 2020 and started making money the next day. I have made over 300€ since I joined by doing nothing. Success is your Duty and Crowd 1 is your solution

My name is Ethan Hughes, in all honesty I didn’t even have the money to begin with Crowd1 and was very nervous about what the outcome was going to be. A friend of mine borrowed me the money to get in however I left it for about a month before actually realizing the power of the company and what I actually had access to. This company has changed my life in so many ways and has opened up so many new avenues for me giving me the chance to really chase my dreams. I never in my life thought that by the age of 19 years old would have made €4150 in just over 1 month! Now it is time to push for Director and help others achieve the way I have!!

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